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Nutritional Workshops Lunch Talks

We believe that education is the first step when it comes to making changes in our health. 

Our workshops are based on evidence based and medical research. They are packed with simple, actionable tips, so your employees can implement them straight away and improve their performance at work, increase their energy and motivation. 

All the workshops below can be delivered virtually during Lunch Time or expand into in-depth interactive sessions. 

Our workshops and Lunch talks are designed to be engaging, all workshops are interactive featuring quizzes, polls, assessments and workbooks. Our tested methods will guarantee long lasting changes

Let us help you to invest in the health of your team because ''it is health that is real wealth''
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Here are our most popular workshops, we do want to deliver the highest value to your organisation, ensuring it's beneficial for your workplace. Therefore we are flexible to adjust topics to your needs and expectations. 

Prices starts from 200 USD per session, please contact me directly at to book your session or to get a quotation 

Eat Like a CEO

Healthy eating is important not only for athletes or celebrities, who maybe rely on
their good looks. The right food intake is also crucial when you are working behind
your desk, in a high pressure busy environment.
What we eat directly affects our productivity. Food fuels our body and provides our brain with the energy it needs to stay alert.
Many CEOs take their diets as seriously as their company’s earning reports,
snacking strategically to protect their most valuable asset—their wellbeing.
During our session you will learn about the health benefits of a plant
based diet and the connection between performance, effectiveness ,
productivity and diet.

How to beat 3pm slump ?

Starts with a quiz - to find your own energy booster
We all know the feeling of the afternoon slump - fatigue, low energy, difficulty concentrating - but what causes this phenomenon? Part of the problem is simply our biology.
Using the newest scientific evidence we will dissect the afternoon slump. 3 pm (or sometimes 4 pm ) Why it can cause mood swings, cravings, and loss of focus. Improve the productivity of your employees by teaching them coping mechanisms
with energy loss.

During this workshop we will cover :
Why caffeine is not a long term solution.
The Importance of breakfast. Breakfast ideas
Hydration. Nutrients to boost your energy
Physical activity, do I really need to go to the gym?

Interactive quiz - find your own energy booster

How our diet affects mental health?

We are all aware of the link between food and our physical health but during these workshops we would like to bring your attention how our mood wellbeing is
impacted by our food choices. Anxiety and depression are amongst the most common mental health conditions worldwide. According to the World Health
Organization, depression could be one of the top health concerns in the world by 2030. Our workshops will cover:
Nutritional Psychiatry - a closer look at nutrition and diet
Brain - gut axis - secret communications between your stomach and brain
Depression and our diet
Nutrients supporting mental health
Happiness diet - what to eat to be happy ?
Self assessment of a food dairy - interactive activity
Quiz on How our diet affects mental health?

How to prevent civilisation diseases with our food choices

Poor diet is now the number one cause of death and disability resulting in a rising burden of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
We will help your employees to transform their health and reduce their sick leave.
This is a hands on session which will conclude with a personalised action plan for all
participants to improve their health.
This interactive workshop will cover
Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and their link to diet
Covid-19 and our food choices
Lifestyle changes for the prevention of civilisation diseases
The golden rules of healthy eating
E-book with every day easy recipes for each participant
Individual action plan for each participant

How to balance your immune system ?

How to balance your immune system? A healthy immune system can defeat disease- killing germs such as bacteria, viruses, parasites—as well as cancer cells—while protecting healthy tissue. Understanding how the immune system works and how we can help protect our bodies is essential to the fight against many diseases.
This topic is particularly important after the recent COVID-19 pandemic, as studies show that
individuals with a strong immune system have milder symptoms.
The immune system is the main defence system of our body. What does it mean in for your
organisation ?
A Strong immune system = less sick days
People with weakened immune systems are more likely to have a lengthier illness or undergo
This workshop covers
Debunking the myth of boosting your immune system
The Importance of sleep
Can stress kill you ?
Herbs and supplements
How to build a plate to strengthen your immune system
Exercise Workbook for participant on foods strengthening and weakening the immune system

The Science behind weight loss

Weight-management plans are the main strategy for maintaining affordable health care benefits, according to the National Business Group on Health (NBGH), a nonprofit that advises its member companies on health care issues. The extra weight puts people at higher risk for many chronic health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, depression, and back and knee problems.

Our talk is evidence based on medial research, with sample meal plans, delicious recipes and practical tips for busy, working professionals. 

This workshops is  designed to improve employee health, overall wellness, and reduce civilisation diseases risk factors.

It will also help with productivity of your team ,as obese employees are more likely to have higher health care costs or missed workdays.

What Our Clients Say

Holly Camlin-431.jpg

Holly  Camlin, Associate Director, Cognizant

Anna was recommended to our Women Empowered Affinity Group by an associate who had attended her presentation called “Eat Like a CEO.” I contacted Anna and had a great conversation and she was able to tailor the discussion on plant based eating for our predominately female audience. She was amazing to work with and gave a very thorough presentation and answered the myriad of question from our associates. I would definitely recommend Anna!

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