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Gift Voucher for Private Online cooking class

Buy an online voucher for yourself, family or friends to enjoy one of our many vegan cooking classes. Personalised and private just for you.

Buy an online voucher for only $79 and you (or together with your family or friends) can choose from Singapore Inspired, Persian, Polish, Middle Eastern, Raw, Cheese, Breakfast, Desert or Georgian class. I will conduct a private cooking class via Zoom at the time suitable for you, where we will prepare 2 dishes.  I will send you a list of ingredients before so we can cook together, if you wish. I will guide you step by step and help you create healthy and delicious dishes.  

Cooking connects people!


Voucher can be personalised with your friend's name and a gift message, We will contact you after you have ordered to offer you this option.

Buy your voucher and we will contact you to arrange a class at a time which is convenient to you. You can also choose from a number of different culinary      styles for your class. All vouchers are valid for a full year from the date they are purchased.                  

We look forwards to seeing you soon.   


If you have friends in different locations this is a great way to have a get together and do something fun.         

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