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Have you tried  before to lose weight with dieting/magic pills/hypnosis ?

Or maybe just recently you decided to shred some kilograms and don't know where to start ?

Join our unique 6 Weeks Plant Based Weight Loss Program, we won't give you a standard meal plan and leave you alone . Our holistic, personalised approach includes not only your eating habits, but also lifestyle and beliefs around food.

The entire program will consist of 6 individual virtual sessions (adjusted to your timetable).

Each session is carefully planned and scheduled to provide the best chances for you to permanently lose some weight.

The first session will focus on your current eating patterns, life situation, personals goals, during second part of this session we will discuss your personalised action plan.

The second session will be dedicated to nutrition, where you will receive a personalised list of products to include on your plate, and  most importantly a list of those foods which should be there.  This session will also cover for example calorie density, liquid calories and the importance of protein and carbohydrates in your weight loss journey. 

2 of our sessions will focus on  you - we will have a session dedicated to oil free, sugar free cooking  and one on Every Day Meals. Together we will identify recipes which will suit your lifestyle and persoanl preferences. 

Lack of help and support is often stated as a reason of weight loss failure, during 6 weeks duration of our program you can contact us directly.

You can change your life with diet, change your life with LivingveggiebyAnia!


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us




6 Weeks Plant Based Weight Loss Program to ChangeYour Life

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