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Healthy eating is not only important for athletes or celebrities, who maybe rely on their good looks. The right food intake is also crucial when you are working behind a desk, in a high pressure busy environment.

What we eat directly affects our productivity. Food fuels our body and provides our brain with the energy it needs to stay alert.

Many CEOs take their diets as seriously as their company’s earning reports, acting strategically to protect their most valuable asset—their wellbeing.

Our 6 individual sessions are designed to help you achieve your KPIs at work and to set you up for success in your professional life


First Session - Healthy Food is for Everyone

Learn the mechanisms and relationships between food and our productiviness and efectivness, to discover how your food choices can help you at your daily tasks. Together using evidence based eating we will improve your wellness and performance at work. Let me show you what to put on your plate, but what is more important what not to. Second Session - Get to know and strenghten Your Why

In his bestselling book 'Start with Why' by Simon Sinek we learn that people are more inspired, work better and more effectively when they have a clear purpose (the answer to question 'why'). The same rules applies when changing eating habits. This session will be dedicated to streghtening your why, to help you dealing with healthy food choices during your most stressful and busiest days. 


Third Session -  Practical implementation 

We will cover

Tips and gadgets useful in preparing for a healthy lifestyle

Batch cooking

Essentials in your pantry, fridge and freezer


Fourth Session - So what shall I eat ?

Learn how to prepare your new healthy meals based on your lifestyle and personal preferencess. 

Together we will prpeare your recipe library, your go - to resource for the busy days you need a quick dinner or lunch box. 

You will receive recommendations on how to make a 'healthier' version of your favourite dishes, so you don't need to part with your comfort foods.


Fifth Session - Eating Out

Eating out is an essential element in the life of any busy professional, we will work on strategies to implement healthy eating during companies dinner, gathering and business lunches.

You will be equiped with a knowledge which will help you to stick to your food choices in different social and business situations. 


Sixth Session - Creating An Action Plan

A Personalised list of methods and tactics, which will help you to achieve balanced , healthy lifestyle. We will set strategies and milestones to help you keep the track on your newly formed eating habits.


6 Individual Sessions Eat Like a CEO will help you to set long term, life lasting healthy eating strategies. You will learn how to implement them in your daily schedule as 'health is wealth' and learn that without optimising your health you can't maximise your success in life. 

With easy to implement startegies and techniques healthy eating will be your most powerful weapon to boost your energy both at work...and home


Sessions will take place on zoom/whatsapp scheduled indivdudally at your convenience. 


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us




Eat Like a CEO

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