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Please join us for one of our workshop events.

Here we hope to educate you into the benefits of a plant based diet, do not worry its not a hard sell but will give you food for thought


We accept payment by credit card, PayPal and Paynow.


All events can be organised at at date and time to suit you for groups of 3 or more people. To arrange a meal or just to make an enquiry please use the contact button at the bottom of every page.

Veganism for Beginners 
Please Contact us below for our next workshop date
Do your new year resolutions include a change to healthier diet?
Have you heard a lot about the benefits of veganism but don’t know where to start?
We can help you to make a first step towards healthy lifestyle.

Our workshop will answer all the most common questions :
 How do you get your proteins?
 Do vegans suffer for calcium and iron deficiency?
 Vegan vs plant-based diet.
 Do I need to take supplements?
 How to start? First days, weeks and month on a vegan diet.
 What to cook on a healthy vegan diet to not spend hours in the kitchen?
 How to handle social situations when following a vegan diet?
 Civilisation diseases vs vegan diet.

This two-hour workshop is an investment for your future health – helping you to kick off on a vegan journey.
You will receive a booklet with all the tips and info from the course. Yours to keep and refer to when you are stuck for ideas on your vegan experience.

During the workshop we will serve healthy plant-based snacks.

!!! As a part of Veganuary campaign you will receive a free email consultation with the teacher !!!
Price per person $50 (prepayment required)
To book your place choose one of the options below.
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