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Thank you very much for visiting my website. My name is Ania and I would like to help you to change your life and business!!!

I want to help you create a business driven by mission and passion. With four years of experience conducting vegan and gluten-free cooking classes, I specialize in helping the hospitality industry introduce and enhance their plant-based offerings.

My High Impact Vegan Hospitality Consulting Training allows me to collaborate with restaurants, cafes, and hotels to boost their sales through greater inclusivity.

As a sustainability consultant, I assist in engineering menus that offset carbon footprint emissions, preserve water, and protect land resources. My motivation is to make Southeast Asia more plant-based and improve people's lives.

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What is my story?

I am a BIG foodie! I am passionate about everything food related. Whether its cooking, shopping for food, eating it or the nutritional science behind it. The link between our diet and our health particularly fascinates me
To follow my passion I launched HealthyWithAnia – a one stop solution for busy professionals  who want to improve their diet to a healthier one. With nutritional programs,workshops and consultations the aim is to spread the message that vegan food is not only healthy but also tasty and easy to prepare.

But why helping working professionals ?

Well...I was just like you ! For over a decade I was working at some largest corporation in the world. I saw how little attention my  colleagues has paid to their food choices. I saw on a daily basis how they ordering unhealthy take aways, drinking energy drinks......and getting even more tired and unhappy! It was heartbreaking to see how people from my office were caught in a viscous circle of ineffective, restrictive diets and protocols without getting a basic of nutrition right!

As a small business owner I am participating at many networking events. When I was introducing myself as a plant based nutritionist very often I heard that the person I was talking to is not into healthy eating, they were coming to these events for business purposes. 

It was a striking moment for me , people don't realise how powerful effect our dietary choices have on our every day life, including your performance at work and your success in life. 

From that realisation I developed Eat Like a CEO program.








Why to work with me?

I am certified vegan consultant by vegan Hospitality Consulting

I am a Plant Based Nutritionist certified in Plant Based Nutrition by Cornell University in US and Winchester University in UK and International Sports Sciences Association in USA. 

This knowledge helps me to guide you towards your healthy diet, and to design nutritionally balanced recipes to boost your life energy

I was a speaker at Pant Based Expo London, Singapore Vegan Festival, Malaysian Vegan Festival, Vegan Travel Summit, The Conscious Festival. 
I am a hedonist, seeking for a pleasure in food, cooking and eating. I believe in no compromise approach,  food we are consuming should be both healthy and delicious! To make healthy eating journey even more fun and delicious I developed plant based and gluten free versions of many national classics, from the likes of  – from Persia, Singapore, Middle East, Georgia etc. These offer proof that healthy food can be still exciting and delicious.
Recently I co-authored; 'My-Voice A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance'  where I share my personal story to inspire other women to change their lives.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and just to hear from you.

 Let's connect.


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