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Vegan Kookoo Sabzi

Veganised Persian Classic - a celebration of fresh herbs

Vegan Persian Kookoo Sabzi
Vegan Kookoo Sabzi

While savoring the delectable Vegan Kookoo Sabzi, one can't help but feel connected to Iranian culture and culinary heritage. It's a journey that transcends borders and invites us to embrace the richness of diverse cuisines

Embracing Tradition with a Plant Based Twist - Symphony Of Fresh Herbs

Vegan Kookoo Sabzi

  • 250 g of chickpea flour (gram flour)

  • 80 g silken tofu

  • 70 g flat leaf (Italian) parsley

  • 70 g coriander (cilantro)

  • 60 g dill

  • 70 g green onions

  • 3 tablespoons zereshk (barberry) - optional

  • 60 g walnuts

  • 1.5 tablespoons of kala namak - black salt

  • 1 tablespoon of turmeric

  • 1 tablespoon baking powder

  • Sunflower/ canola oil

  • Pepper


1. To create ‘’egg texture’’ mix flour, tofu, turmeric, black salt, baking powder and about 180 ml of water until there are no lumps. You can use blender or whisk it with fork. 2. Chop all the herbs and add to the mixture. 3. Toast walnuts in a dry frying pan. 4. Add zereshk (barberry), walnuts and oil and mix together. 5. Transfer the mixture into pan/ baking dish and bake at 180’C for approx. 25 min. Happy Cooking 👩‍🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳

Vegan Kookoo Sabzi
Vegan Kookoo Sabzi

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