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A “plant-based diet”, the latest buzzword? it’s mentioned in the news more and more often. You’ve heard about it, but should you consider it for yourself and your family? Or do you already know that you want to but don’t know how to start? Or even have you have tried and failed ? In any case I can help you, via a personal consultancy.

I passionately believe that “Our health starts on the plate” so let me help you to make the first steps towards healthier version of yourself.

Being vegan myself I have already gone through it all, how to become vegan, what to eat, how to get my vitamins? Supplements yes or no? what about protein, calcium, iron and all those pesky micronutrients.


Want to lose weight on a vegan diet or wondering how to feed the children or plan family meals. What about your favourite non vegan dishes, is it possible to make them plant based? Maybe you just need help to create some healthy meal plans or to review the contents of your fridge or pantry. Many people just need a bit of help or support to build some healthy eating habits which quickly become a natural permanent choice.


I can also give you my tips on how to behave in social situations – weddings, family gatherings, dinner parties where you are the only vegan and might be feeling the odd one out.

Once you become, or maybe already are, an experienced plant based eater I can help to expand your repertoire and give you inspiration for new exotic vegan dishes from different parts of the world – e.g. Persia, Lebanon, Malaysia, France.


I have done a number of workshops so have heard many of the probems people face first hand. I am confident I would be able to help you.


If any of this appeals to you, please consider my one to one consultations, after a brief review of you current plant-based ideas we can personalise our session(s) so that you can get the most out of it. Don’t worry its not a hard sell but with a bit of support I believe you will find following a plant-based diet can be easy, interesting and very rewarding as well, of course, being healthy.


Finally and perhaps most importantly I believe food has to be not only healthy but also delicious so don’t by shy, give me a try.

Sessions can be by phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or whatever social media platform happens to be your favourite, and can be arranged at a time convenient to your busy schedule.

Only now we have a special offer, if you schedule one consultation (1h) we provide a free follow up 1hour session (also scheduled at you convenience) 



Personalised private consultation

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