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From our travels around the world we bring you an ebook of our favourite plant-based recipes to give you some inspiration. We will take you on a culinary journey to magical Persia, mysterious Morocco or traditional France. We taken some of their most famous dishes and veganised them. In all, 21 recipes from all around the globe, for you to make at home. All Vegan, plant-based and gluten free.

We prepared for you 21 delicious, healthy and gluten free ingredients. We do believe that vegan food doesn't need to compromise on a flavor. 

Your health starts on the plate - start your health journey with LivingveggiebyAnia

Plant-Based Delicacies from around the Globe

  • "Plant-Based Delicacies from around the Globe"  is delivered as a link to our ebook (pdf) file, which you can download onto up to 5 devices

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