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Vegan Cheese Masterclass
Hands-on class in Singapore 
Virtually Online from Anywhere in the world at a time to suit you 


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We will show you how to prepare plant-based cheeses from scratch.  You don’t need fancy equipment or exotic ingredients, All it takes is understanding a few key principles.  Then you can replicate our recipes at home.Let us re - invent the way you think about cheese

Throughout this class, you’ll be guided through a hands-on vegan cheese-making session. You’ll be taught the secrets to create :

Plant Based Feta Cheese, Low Fat Cheddar Sauce and Peperjack cheese

All cheeses made up of all clean and natural ingredients without any preservatives or chemicals but not compromising on the taste even a bit. They are easy on the gut and nourishing too.

You will get a basic understanding of creating dairy free cheeses  - The A to Z of making vegan cheeses

After the class you will be able to identify the important ingredients, flavours and techniques when making plant based cheese, so can share these amazing cheeses with your family and friends.

Cooking together can be really enjoyable !


To BOOK just follow the "Pay Now" Link below to pay by credit card or PayPal, or you can make a PayNow payment to UEN No 201922346E for  $150 for 2 people.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate contact us directly via our contact us button below, Facebook or on +65 82928020

Currently limited to a group of 2 people

TO UEN 201922346E


Please select your time and book your class on the calendar below

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